Welcome to Matt’s blog site, covering a variety of IT-related topics, including:

Understanding how Containers work:

Containers Part 1 – What are Containers?
Containers Part 2 – Understanding Docker

Diagramming: How to visualise systems with diagrams:

Diagrams as Code (PlantUML) – Diagrams as Code, and PlantUML
Diagrams with C4 Model – Test drive of the C4 Model for visualising IT systems

Measuring and analysing Network Flows:

How to export NetFlow from an OpenWRT router
Exporting NetFlow/IPFIX with pmacct
Collecting NetFlow with nfcapd and nfdump
What is a Network Traffic Flow?
What is a Network Traffic Flow? (Part 2)
What is a Network Traffic Flow? (Part 3)

Commentary on InfoSec:

Beware the Perils of Audit-Driven Design
Emerging from the Murky Swamp of InfoSec – An Architect’s View

Musings on IT Architecture:

IT Architecture – A Discussion on Coupling

Automating Virtual Machines:

Vagrant for SDN Labs Part 1 – Introduction
Vagrant for SDN Labs Part 2 – Install and Run

Experimenting with OpenFlow:

Home SDN Lab. Turn your home network into a lab by rooting a router to run OpenFlow SDN.

Documenting Python projects:

Python 2 Read the Docs. Automate your GitHub Python project to build beautiful online documentation.

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